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Report Discusses Market Potential for Nanometals in Electronics and Energy Markets

NanoMarkets will release a new report titled ‘Nanometals in Electronics and Energy Markets –2012 and Beyond’ on 21 December 2011. It is the latest addition to its line of reports covering the nanometals’ market potential in a broad array of fields, including greentech, energy storage, solar, sensor, conventional electronics markets, IT, printed electronics, thin-film and much more.

Nanometals, a growth-oriented segment of the nanomaterials business, widens the importance of metals in the energy and electronics markets. Nanostructures such as nanospheres, nanorods, nanowires and much more, and metallic nanoparticles deliver better performance to conventional electronics such as printed electronic boards, which demonstrate the huge market potential of nanometals.

Nanometals also find applications in the up-and-coming electronics sectors such as printed electronics. They have a huge market potential in the medical electronics market thanks to use of nanogold and nanosilver for medical purposes. The report also discusses the use of nanometals in the energy sector, ranging from fuel additives to solar panels.

Although a majority of the applications of nanometals are apparently based on its thermal and electrical conductivity, the report also analyzes the opportunities for building businesses and making products based on the other properties of nanometals such as tunablity, plasmonic, optical and bioactivity.

The report covers the nanometals’ market potential in all main markets as well as provides revenue forecasts for an eight-year period. Besides covering the whole nanometal class, the report discusses about nanometal oxides and other associated materials. The report also analyzes the market potential for intermediate products such as sputtering targets and inks. It also covers the effect of the latest scenario on the fabrication of nanometals.


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