KLA-Tencor Unveils Wafer Defect Inspection Systems

KLA-Tencor has introduced three wafer defect inspection solutions, the eS800, Puma 9650 and 2900 systems, for advanced chip manufacturers to tackle the defect problems imposed by design rules, structures and new materials.

The eS800 line of e-beam inspection systems is capable of capturing shallow residues or microscopic defects on a broad array of structures and layers including defects at the boundaries of SRAM and DRAM arrays and in deep vias and trenches. It provides the throughput required to monitor the die’s large areas in order to detect electrical defect signatures, including opens, shorts and under-etch. Its proprietary design helps obtaining superior electron beam current density.

The Puma 9650 line of narrowband optical wafer defect inspection solutions captures defects in the die’s yield-critical areas, including page breaks, memory transition regions and the boundaries of SRAM arrays. It offers superior sensitivity to pattern defects and particles such as residue, bridges and additional patterns on the front-end etch layers. Its novel eFence technology reduces interferences due to repeating patterns in transition regions and page break.

The 2900 line of broadband optical wafer defect inspection systems is capable of capturing microscopic defects on back-end layers and early process layers, with sensitivity equivalent to that of e-beam inspection systems in certain cases. The tool’s overall defect capture results on after-develop inspection (ADI) layers matches with that of after-etch inspection results. Its drastically increased ADI performance results show that a fab can now detect killer defects very early during the process, thus saving time and materials. It uses second-generation PowerBroadband as a laser-pumped plasma light source. Its proprietary optics drastically improves resolution at DUV wavelengths and radically reduces optical noise.

The 2900, Puma 9650 and eS800 tools can be integrated seamlessly to eDR-7000 e-beam wafer defect review solution, KLA-Tencor's indispensable partner providing defect review and categorization rapidly and accurately. All three series feature an integrated graphical user interface to facilitate flexible work routing, operator training and quicker production-integration time.

Source: http://www.kla-tencor.com

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