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P2i’s Nano-Coating Helps Improve Product Performance

P2i has announced the application of its ion-mask liquid repellent nano-coating technology to more than 3 million pairs of shoes.

ion-mask liquid repellent nano-coating technology offers remarkable liquid repellency on all types of materials, thus surfaces treated with this technology make liquids to form into beads and roll off. This innovative technology can be coated over to any type of material such as fastenings and seams. Besides preventing the entry of external water, it also lets out evaporated perspiration.

The novel nano-coating technology prevents the products from absorbing water, thus keeping them dry, breathable, lightweight and clean. Wearers cannot see or realize ion-mask due to its nano-scale thickness. The protective coating offers superior durability to a product, as it is molecularly bonded to the entire surface of the product. The nano-coating technology offers protection against dirt residue and stains by preventing water absorption.

P2i officials will demonstrate the liquid repellent advantages of its ion-mask nano-coating technology on a variety of products such as footwear, fabrics and tissues at ISPO 2012. At present, P2i is shifting its processing activities to a larger factory located in Chang’an in Dongguan, China, in order to meet growing customer demand.

According to P2i’s CTO, Dr. Stephen Coulson, the company’s shift to the new facility will allow it to manufacture at twice its processing capacity, while improving throughput and sustaining technical impact.


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