UVOTECH Release Nano eNabler Molecular Printing System from BioForce Nanosciences

UVOTECH Systems, Inc., a US-based distributor of UV-Ozone and Plasma Cleaning systems, recently announced the addition of the Molecular Printing Systems to their product line. The Nano eNabler system, manufactured by BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. is a highly flexible molecular printer, capable of dispensing minute volumes of liquid at defined positions to create patterns of spots or lines with high spatial accuracy.

The Nano eNabler benchtop molecular printer is an enabling technology for submicron and nanoscale fluid delivery. It is a versatile platform ideal for formulating novel applications that take advantage of the small spatial scale and reduced sample volumes required by current assay design. Popular applications of this system include functionalizing chemical and biosensors, patterning surfaces with molecules to study cell growth, and printing arrays in confined spaces, such as inside microfluidic channels. The broad applicability and a wide range of compatible materials create many new and exciting opportunities.

UVOTECH’s President and CEO, Shawn Malek, said, “The Nano eNabler™ System is a multifaceted tool for printing and manipulating materials at the ultra-micro and nanoscales which enables merging of biology with nanotechnology”.

UVOTECH Systems Corporation, headquartered in Concord, CA, manufactures, distributes, and provides surface treatment solutions in the Semiconductor, Electronics, BioMedical, and Photovoltaic industries. Their diverse line of products is primarily designed for research and development labs worldwide. Current products include UV-Ozone cleaning systems, Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Etching Systems, UV Curing systems and Molecular Printers used mainly in the manufacturing of Biosensors. For more information, please visit www.uvotech.com.

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