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Haydale Announce Distribution Deal with AMG Mining

Haydale, the operating subsidiary of Innovative Carbon Limited, with enabling technology to commercialise Graphene through its unique plasma functionalisation process, announces that it has signed a distribution agreement with AMG Mining AG (“AMG Mining”), a subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”, EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: “AMG”).

AMG Mining will act as exclusive distributor in Germany for the Haydale branded HDPlas Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs). AMG Mining is a major and long established international supplier of Graphite based products and is aiming to use Haydale’s plasma functionalisation technology to extend its product range and value added materials.

Dr Chris Spacie, Haydale Technical Director said:

“AMG Mining has been supplying Haydale with mined graphite of a consistently high quality for 2 years. AMG’s material, which is from its Sri Lankan mine, is excellent when combined with our patented Split-Plasma process in producing layers of Graphene known as Graphene Nano Platelets. Our unique ability to functionalise the GNPs mean they can be dispersed in a way that enables the properties of Graphene to be realised; something the industry has been grappling with for some time, and we have the solution.”

AMG Mining’s Sales and Marketing Director Thomas Junker said:

“With a history of 140 years of trading and a very strong German and international customer base, this agreement provides new value added products and opportunities for our customers. AMG Mining is a trend-setting graphite refiner. We have a strong working relationship with Haydale and have watched their technical advances and investments that they have made. Their new facility, a strong technical team and scalable process are key factors in our desire to work with Haydale. This agreement will enable us to extend our existing customer relationships and win new ones through the supply of Haydale GNPs that will be tailored for specific needs in the energy efficiency, infrastructure and electronics markets.”

Ray Gibbs, CEO at Haydale added:

“Graphene, with its excellent conductive, thermal and structural properties, is the material all industry is interested in. There is an expectation of delivery performance which the supply chain has not been able to meet as, until now, proper uniform dispersion into a material has proved to be a problem. Strategically we see ourselves as the enabling technology which delivers the solution and lifts the raw material supplier into the reach of the waiting applications market.

"The fact that AMG Mining has chosen to partner with us is testament to the technology we have and the value we can bring in commercialising Graphenes. Following on from our recently announced collaboration on graphene based inks, this agreement again demonstrates the ability of Haydale to enable the introduction of new technology into industrial processes. We do not replicate the work of major manufacturers – on the contrary we are working with them to improve their product range through the application of our technology. This is achieved by delivering suitable material to them so that they can either develop new products or incorporate improvements into existing products.”

Thomas Junker concludes:

“The exciting part now comes from applying the Haydale HDPlas GNPs into commercial applications and crucially in having a range of our different carbon based materials to choose from that opens up new possibilities for both parties.”

About Haydale

Haydale, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovative Carbon Limited, is a global leader in facilitating the commercial application of graphenes. Haydale’s patented “Split Plasma” technology is a scalable and environmentally friendly method of consistently producing high quality graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) avoiding the harsh, wet chemical functionalization methods that are more commonly employed.

Because the “Split Plasma” process does not damage material in the way that acid treatments do, Haydale’s graphenes can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Now housed in a new nano safe production and lab facility, combined with a scalable production technology, Haydale is facilitating the application of graphenes in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings.

About AMG

AMG creates and applies innovative metallurgical solutions to the global trend of sustainable development of natural resources and CO2 reduction. AMG produces highly engineered specialty metal products and advanced vacuum furnace systems for the Energy, Aerospace, Infrastructure, and Specialty Metals and Chemicals end markets. AMG Processing develops and produces specialty metals, alloys and high performance materials. AMG is a significant producer of specialty metals, such as ferrovanadium, ferronickel-molybdenum, aluminium master alloys and additives, chromium metal and ferrotitanium, for Energy, Aerospace, Infrastructure and Specialty Metal and Chemicals applications. Other key products include specialty alloys for titanium and superalloys, coating materials, and vanadium chemicals.

AMG Engineering designs, engineers and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems and operates vacuum heat treatment facilities, primarily for the Aerospace and Energy (including solar and nuclear) industries. Furnace systems produced by AMG include vacuum remelting, solar silicon melting and crystallization, vacuum induction melting, vacuum heat treatment and high pressure gas quenching, turbine blade coating and sintering. AMG also provides vacuum case-hardening heat treatment services on a tolling basis.

AMG Mining AG, a subsidiary of the AMG Mining business unit, produces silicon-metal and refined natural graphite with sites in Europe, Asia and Africa. Silicon-metal is used in the chemicals, aluminium, electronics and solar industries. High quality graphite is used in lubricants, carbon brushes in electrical motors and in the chemicals industries for insulation and energy saving solutions.

With over 3,000 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, India and Sri Lanka and has sales and customer service offices in Belgium, Russia and Japan. (

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