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Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Developed for Use in Polyethylene Plastic Products

ShengdaTech Inc. a leading manufacturer of nano-precipitated calcium carbonate and coal-based chemical products in the People's Republic of China, today announced it has successfully developed a new NPCC product for use in polyethylene (PE) plastic products.

After more than a year of collaboration with Peter's Polyethylene Industries Pte., Ltd. ("Peter's Polyethylene"), the largest plastic manufacturer in Singapore, ShengdaTech is launching NPCC for use in PE products.  PE is a highly attractive plastic as it is the most versatile of all plastics and frequently used in consumer products.  Common end uses of PE range from plastic bags, shrink wrap for plastic drink bottles, food packaging and drink containers. The use of NPCC in PE products significantly improves the mechanical property of the synthetic plastic, increases its heat-resistant capability and reduces the quantity of heat of combustion and secondary pollution.  It can also enhance the PE's printing quality and surface smoothness.  Moreover, the inclusion of NPCC in PE products reduces the amount of polyethylene needed thereby reducing the overall cost of raw materials. According to Univation Technologies, global PE consumption is expected to be 87.4 million metric tons by the year 2010 as global demand for PE is expected to grow at a 4.4% CAGR.

"We are excited with the breakthrough of our NPCC application for use in PE products.  This is a major development in our efforts to expand NPCC for use in other plastic applications beyond PVC," commented Mr. Chen, CEO of ShengdaTech.  "Our progress on the application of NPCC for PE products not only opens the door for new market opportunities, but also expands our efforts in developing our overseas penetration. More importantly, we believe the Asian region will be the world center for polyethylene growth."

Peter Polyethylene is initially incorporating NPCC in its PE-injection plastic products such as plastic barrels for industrial use and polypropylene film.  ShengdaTech and Peter Polyethylene continue to collaborate on R&D of NPCC for use in PE for a variety of polyethylene products.

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