Quantachrome Launches Two New Versions of Quadrasorb Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

Quantachrome Instruments, a leading manufacturer of materials characterization instruments, announces the launch of two new versions of its Quadrasorb Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer. Already popular with high-throughput industries like pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals the Quadrasorb has additional technical features which make it attractive to other applications.  But often those other would-be users don't need the high-throughput capability.  Recognizing and responding to that need, Quantachrome acted quickly to make 2- and 3-sample versions available, as well as retaining the original 4-sample configuration.

These new models are nevertheless designed with upgradability in mind.  Should a user of a 2- or 3-station Quadrasorb find that he really does need the higher throughput afforded by 4 sample stations, then his Quadrasorb can be upgraded to the full configuration at some future date.

The attractive technical features of the Quadrasorb include independent dewars for each sample which affords flexibility of start/end times for more than one sample, individual pressure transducers for independent pressure measurements leading to shorter analysis times, operation in classical helium void volume mode or patented helium-free mode, and small cold zone (free-space) volumes  for improved sensitivity provided by coolant level sensors in each station.

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