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Springer Advisory Board Member Wins Fritz London Memorial Prize

Fritz London Memorial Prize goes to Springer advisory board member

Springer advisory board member Vladimir V. Dmitriev, along with fellow scientists Yuriy M. Bunkov and Igor A. Fomin, have been named winners of the 2008 Fritz London Memorial Prize for their discovery and understanding of the "Phase Coherent Spin Precession and Spin Superfluidity of 3He-B." The prize was presented at the 25th International Conference on Low Temperature in Leiden, The Netherlands, at the beginning of August 2008.

Vladimir V. Dmitriev started his career at the Kapitza Institute in Moscow in the experimental group of Yu. Bunkov. He participated in the construction of the nuclear cooling cryostat and was part of the experimental work which led to the original discovery of the Homogeneously Precessing Domain state. He is now the head of the Ultra Low Temperature group in the Kapitza Institute and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dmitriev is a member of the advisory board of Springer’s Journal of Low Temperature Physics. This renowned scientific journal serves as an international medium for the publication of original papers, letters and articles on fundamental theoretical and experimental research developments in all areas of cryogenics and low temperature physics.

The Fritz London Memorial Prize is an international prize awarded once every three years and was created to recognize scientists who have made outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to the field of low temperature physics. The prize is named after the renowned theoretical physicist Fritz London (1900 – 1954).

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