Rudolph Technologies Receives Orders for WaferWoRx 300 from Major European Semiconductor Manufacturer

Rudolph Technologies, Inc., a worldwide leader in process characterization solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, today announced the receipt of orders from a major European semiconductor manufacturer for two WaferWoRx 300 Probing Process Analysis Systems. The orders were placed as part of a multi-tool agreement signed in June 2008.

The WaferWoRx 300 System allows semiconductor manufacturers to make informed decisions based on quantifiable data about their wafer probing process in order to increase yields and reduce operating costs. Rudolph’s Probe Card Test and Analysis product manager, Darren James, stated, “We are continually seeking opportunities to reduce the cost and complexity of wafer probing and other final test processes. With today’s multi-site, multiple test probe processes, determining the root cause of yield loss is a challenge for our customers. The WaferWoRx generates analyses that helps pin-point the most likely source of probing process problems.”

The WaferWoRx 300 is a probing process analysis system that uncovers potential process problems and defines practical solutions based on data from individual probe tips and scrub marks, and on the detection and analysis of larger-scale patterns within the aggregated data. Using automated analysis from WaferWoRx, test engineers can evaluate the stage accuracy, performance under load and test at temperature characteristics of the prober. They can prequalify test cells without risk to production wafers and evaluate the readiness of the probing process for advanced technologies such as multi-DUT and high pin count probe cards. In addition, probe card performance can be tracked to predict the need for maintenance. This step is designed to extend card life and maximize card availability while avoiding the yield losses that can occur when a card fails during use.

“This is a significant sale for an important product recently added to Rudolph’s back-end portfolio,” James said. “We are investing heavily in these products and technologies; we believe they will enable our customers to improve their operating performance and allow us to maintain our position as the leading supplier of backend inspection, metrology and process control solutions.”

Data generated by the WaferWoRx 300 can produce quantifiable benefits by reducing yield losses in the probing process and increase the lifetime and availability of expensive consumables, such as probe cards.

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