Zygo Corporation Receives Follow-on Order from Leading North American Semiconductor Manufacturer

Zygo Corporation (NASDAQ: ZIGO) today announced that it has received a follow-on order from a leading North American semiconductor manufacturer to use ZYGO's UniFire™ 7900 metrology system for high volume manufacturing process control. The system, which is expected to be part of a multi-million dollar commitment, will be used for measuring critical dimensions (CD) and overlay/registration at the 32nm node. Delivery is scheduled to occur in the second quarter of this calendar year.

The UniFire 7900 optical metrology system provides high precision, three-dimensional topography information to control high volume manufacturing processes. The UniFire 7900 is used for surface topography, critical dimensions, overlay/registration, and film thickness process control all within a small footprint.

Michael Darwin, ZYGO's Vice President, Semiconductor Solutions Business Unit, stated, "The selection outcome establishes the UniFire 7900 platform as a leader in lithography process control for thick films in the back end of the line. As structures become more complex, our 3D approach enables customers to tailor their metrology to the area of interest in their specific designs. As businesses strive to be more competitive, ZYGO provides the metrology to keep their lithography in control, thereby maintaining high yields to increase profitability. We deliver flexibility for our customers' development and robust capability for their 24 x 7 manufacturing at the 32nm node and beyond."

Zygo Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics, and electro-optical design and manufacturing services, serving customers in the semiconductor capital equipment and industrial markets.

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