NanoMarkets' New Report Offers Mixed Perspectives on the Printed Batteries market

NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst based here, today announced the release of "Printed Battery Markets: 2009 and Beyond". The report contains the latest analysis and market projections from NanoMarkets' ongoing research of the "thin" batteries market. Details about the report are available at the firm's website at

Key findings:

NanoMarkets' new report offers some mixed perspectives on the market.

We have now reached a stage where printed batteries are now a viable technology; thanks to advances in materials and manufacturing there are products on the market that utilize them. However, the conventional wisdom a few years back was that RFID was going to be the killer application for printed battery technology. Today that has not come to pass because of printed RFID's slower-than-anticipated market acceptance. While printed RFID will still be an important application for printed batteries the real story today is powered smart cards which are an increasingly important technology for the credit card industry and consumers. Smart cards is an area where printing is already used as the manufacturing process. Being able to integrate the power source in the production of smart cards is extremely attractive for manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the story of printed batteries has shifted from being about their own opportunity to what it is that printed battery technology can enable. By 2015, NanoMarkets sales of products that utilize printed batteries will total $1.5 billion in revenues, with the value of the batteries themselves amounting to more than $200 million. While this should be seen as encouraging, NanoMarkets believes that more printed battery firms will have to follow the lead of Power Paper and look to develop applications for their batteries, rather than just produce the batteries themselves since remaining as a battery supplier will likely spell the demise of many firms. This strategy will offer potentially bigger markets for printed batteries manufacturers to tap into, but it also means a potentially significant shift in the focus of the business models and the need for additional finance..

About the report:

The new NanoMarkets report, "Printed Battery Markets: 2009 and Beyond" analyzes and quantifies the opportunities for printed batteries for the period 2009 to 2016. The report contains detailed eight-year forecasts of both printed batteries and the products that are powered by them. It also contains assessments and projections of the technologies emerging in this area; both the battery chemistries and the printing technology and profiles of the leading companies in this space including Blue Spark, Enfucell, Planar Energy Devices, Power ID, Power Paper, Prelonic Technologies, Rocket Electric, VARTA and VTT. Applications covered include RFID and smart packaging, ESLs, smart cards, sensors, cosmetic and pharmaceutical patches, smart bandages, sensors and others.

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