Mitaka Kohki and Digital Surf Announces New Software for Mitaka Kohki's NH-Series of Laser Probe 3D Measuring Equipment

Mitaka Kohki and Digital Surf announced that MitakaMap surface analysis software based upon Digital Surf's Mountains Technology will be supplied with NH-3SP Laser Probe 3D Measuring Equipment and other NH-series instruments from Mitaka Kohki.

Mitaka Kohki’s NH-3SP Laser Probe 3D microscope running MitakaMap surface analysis software

The high precision NH-3SP provides non-contact 3D surface metrology, measuring geometry and roughness on all types of surface with a vertical resolution of 1 nanometer and a lateral resolution of 10 nanometers. Incorporating an innovative auto-focusing lens alignment system that minimizes noise, it provides accurate measurements on slopes of up to 80° and excellent repeatability.

A strong correlation between the NH-3SP’s measurement results and international roughness standards (including NIST and PTB) means that the instrument is suitable both for measuring surfaces with high aspect ratios and fragile surfaces that cannot be measured using contact methods, and for measuring surfaces that are traditionally measured using contact instruments. Numerous applications include the measurement of LCD light panel dies, aspheric lens, dimple moldings for screens, phase gratings, thin films, punches for narrow pitch connectors, integrated circuit lead frames, hard disk drives, ball grid arrays, diamond abrasive grains, and many other samples.

MitakaMap software is used to create a surface analysis report frame by frame in an intuitive multi-language desktop publishing environment. Once a report has been created for one measurement data set, all measurement data sets of the same type can be analyzed automatically. Using OpenGL technology, 3D surface topography can be viewed from any angle and manipulated in real time. The analysis software integrates parameters defined in international and national standards including the new 3D parameters defined ISO 25178, the first international standard on areal surface texture, and the advanced roughness and waviness filters defined in ISO 16610.

In addition to roughness analysis, comprehensive analytical studies include depth distribution, bearing ratio, functional volume, 3D motifs, grains & particles, dimensions, isotropy and directionality, spectral analysis (using the FFT), and statistics. MitakaMap also incorporates the latest Mountains Technology innovations, for example sub-surface analysis and the analysis of 3D surface evolution with respect to a fourth dimension, for example time, temperature, pressure or magnetic field.

“With MitakaMap we can see things that we did not see before,” stated Katsushige Nakamura, President of Mitaka Kohki. “The surface analysis software provides detailed real-time 3D surface views coupled with accurate calculation of roughness, waviness and other surface characteristics. This is crucial for developing the high performance functional surfaces that play a major role in new technologies, including technologies for renewable energy.”

“Mitaka Kohki’s adoption of MitakaMap software means that users of their NH series of Laser Probe 3D measuring equipment will benefit from all of the features provided by Digital Surf’s Mountains Technology” stated François Blateyron, Managing Director of the Mountains Surface Analysis business unit at Digital Surf. “Mountains Technology is continuously evolved by a team of professional metrologists and software engineers to incorporate the latest surface metrology standards and methods.”

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