Nanoscale is Now Closer than Ever

Nanoscale is now closer than ever. GridwiseTech assisted FEI Company, a world leader in producing electron microscopes, in migration to a modern IT architecture, one that would make their resources more accessible all over the world.

FEI’s microscopes are high-precision tools that are hugely important in science, research and industry. They enable users to analyze and characterize the structures of materials down to the atomic scale. Data resulting from FEI's microscopes are invaluable in all kinds of materials research, in the steel industry, to semiconductor manufacturers, and for the emerging nanotechnology sector. Access to such hardware was once highly exclusive. To perform a non-routine analysis, a specialist often had to take his samples on a long-haul flight to examine them with the assistance of a dedicated microscopist. This meant a loss of time and money as projects could be delayed by days or months.

GridwiseTech engineers started by investigating the existing highly-distributed environment and diagnosing the challenges using their proprietary methodology. A consistent, systematic approach is central to GridwiseTech's high-quality results. After the positive outcome of the feasibility study, the GridwiseTech team designed and implemented patterns that enabled FEI’s customers to share analytical expertise and data more effectively, —and the final system is designed to make future development straightforward. GridwiseTech's work delivered a sophisticated and secure resource-sharing infrastructure, one that now makes it easy for authorized specialists to access expensive resources. Further, the full capabilities of FEI’s hardware have been unleashed, keeping its clients happy and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

According to Dirk Jan Swagerman, Director R&D Acht Software Engineering at FEI Company: "GridwiseTech has proven to be a reliable partner in creating advanced remote operation solutions for us. Using agile project planning and tracking, their technical staff was able to get the highest priority features in the product first. This approach left us with a good product candidate under challenging budget conditions." GridwiseTech's professional and effective work resulted in FEI choosing them for a new project. We look forward to the continued collaboration between our two companies.

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