Fast, Easy-to-Use S/TEM Dramatically Increases Productivity in Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

FEI Company (Nasdaq:FEIC), a leading provider of atomic-scale imaging and analysis systems, today announced the release of the Tecnai Osiris(tm) scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM), delivering revolutionary analytical speed and performance. It includes FEI's new ChemiSTEM technology, which reduces the time for large field-of-view elemental mapping from hours to minutes. The Tecnai Osiris is designed to combine this breakthrough analytical throughput with exceptional ease-of-use to meet the requirements for both high-volume industrial and multi-user research laboratories.

The patent-pending ChemiSTEM technology enables the Tecnai Osiris to achieve a factor of 50 or more enhancement in speed of energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) elemental mapping, by combining technical advances in beam generation with disruptive changes in EDX signal detection. The Tecnai Osiris is built on a platform designed to maximize productivity and return on investment in high-volume analysis.

Tony Edwards, FEI's senior vice president of market divisions, adds, "The Tecnai Osiris addresses the needs of both our research and industrial customers who place increasing importance on elemental composition analysis and mapping of all samples, but until now, could not find an S/TEM with the required analytical speed and ease-of-use to support this requirement. For example, the continuing decrease in device sizes and proliferation of new materials in semiconductor manufacturing, and the appearance of more samples with unknown composition in multi-user research facilities drives the need for an S/TEM providing the ease-of-use of EDX analytics with an elemental mapping speed comparable to STEM imaging."

Edwards adds, "The Tecnai Osiris was designed to fill this current gap in the market by providing elemental mapping with large fields-of-view in minutes instead of hours, and without the need for an operator highly trained in complex analytics. This ease-of-use is further extended by the new SmartCam remote control interface, which enables experts to provide remote guidance in multi-user or industrial facilities to less experienced operators."

The Tecnai line has a long history of performance and reliability as a workhorse tool in industrial applications. The Tecnai Osiris, a 200 kiloVolt (kV) S/TEM, continues the Tecnai tradition with the addition of numerous technical innovations, including: ChemiSTEM, which comprises the proprietary X-FEG high brightness electron source and Super-X, FEI's new EDX detection system based on Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology; MultiLoader(tm) sample handling that reduces thermal equilibration time after sample exchanges by ten times with commensurate improvements in time-to-data; and the new FS-1 electron energy loss spectrometer that improves electron energy loss spectrometry (EELS) speed and sensitivity; as well as other enhancements, such as the SmartCam remote control camera, long-life liquid nitrogen supply, and more.

"When revolutionary analytical speed, throughput and ease-of-use in a reliable, all-purpose S/TEM are critical, the Tecnai Osiris is the ideal solution," states Edwards.

The Tecnai Osiris S/TEM is available for ordering immediately. For more information, please visit:

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