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NanoMarkets Releases Report on OLED Lighting

NanoMarkets, the leading provider of industry analysis and market and technology research services for companies competing for or interested in thin film, organic and printable electronics related markets, today announced a new report that continues the firm's coverage of OLED lighting. The report titled, "An Opportunity Analysis for OLED Lighting: 2009 to 2016" is scheduled to be released in September of 2009. Details about the upcoming report including a table of contents are available at The report is available at pre-publication rates through September 10, 2009.

NanoMarkets has been covering the emerging OLED lighting market for three years and it is now seeing the first signs of commercialization. This report provides our latest analysis of this market and examines how and where it will generate its first revenues. Among the many segments of the organic and printed electronics market, we believe OLED lighting is especially exciting because there may be more of a compelling business case for OLED technology as a lighting technology than as a display technology and also because OLED lighting will continue to be the recipient of extensive funding as an "energy efficient" lighting technology from both government and private sources.

In addition to showing how the OLED lighting market and productization will evolve, in this report we also compare how OLED lighting competes with other solid-state and energy-efficient lighting technologies. This report also discusses the technical progress that has been made in the field since NanoMarkets last report on this topic in 2008. We examine how lifetimes, luminance, efficiency and size scalability is getting better and identify what the latest developments in manufacturing and materials are. We also take a look at R&D programs around the world and analyze how they are driving OLED lighting into the market place. Detailed forecasts in volume and value terms of the OLED lighting market are included in this report, with break downs by market segment and the product and market strategies of major players (and would-be players) are assessed.

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