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Digital Surf Introduces Latest Version of Mountains Surface Imaging and Analysis Software

Digital Surf, the surface metrology solutions provider, announced the release of Mountains® 5.1, the latest version of its Mountains® surface imaging and analysis software. Mountains® 5.1 contains powerful new features for 3D optical microscopy, dimensional analysis of 2D component geometry, dynamic statistics for near-line monitoring of surface parameters, and new Cpk capability parameters. In addition, the new version exploits the latest multi-core and 64-bit technology to accelerate analysis and also includes video tutorials with audio and subtitles to minimize the learning curve for first time users.

Mountains 5.1: multi-channel information on a surface including from left to right: topography (Z), color (RGB) and intensity (I).

Imaging and analysis of multi-channel topography (Z), color (RGB) and intensity (I) information acquired by 3D confocal microscopes is provided by new Z-RGB-I functionality in Mountains® 5.1. All three kinds of information can be manipulated simultaneously, for example when zooming in on a surface feature. In addition both true color and intensity information can be superimposed on 3D topographical height information.

Intelligent dimensional analysis of component geometry is provided by the optional Mountains® Advanced Contour module. This module provides nominal form definition, magnified form deviation graphics, form error parameters, support for large positional tolerances, Gothic Arch analysis, and automatic generation of the quality report. It can be used for both mechanical and nanotechnology applications.

Dynamic statistical analysis ensures that statistics are updated whenever a new sample is measured in a production environment. An analysis template is applied automatically to all samples in the measurement data population including the new sample, making it easy to monitor the trend of surface parameters like Sq and to ensure that upper and lower tolerance limits are respected. In addition, the implementation of Cpk parameters makes it possible to evaluate the statistical capability of the manufacturing/fabrication system to repeat itself.

4D analysis of the evolution of 3D surface parameters – a feature unique to Mountains® - has been enhanced so that the T-axis (time, temperature, magnetic field or another 4th dimension) can store non-linear information. This means that it is possible, for example, to store information on 3D measurements of a surface that are made at irregular intervals.

Mountains® 5.1 also includes features to speed up surface analysis and enhance interactivity. Exploitation of multi-core technology accelerates time-consuming calculations. A 64-bit version running under Windows Vista 64 provides faster processing of large data sets.

"The release of Mountains® 5.1 reflects our commitment to provide state of the art imaging and analysis software for all surface metrology instruments, exploiting the latest technologies to maximize productivity,” stated François Blateyron, Managing Director of Digital Surf’s Mountains Surface Analysis Business Unit. "The new release is available free of charge to all users of Mountains 5.0.”

Mountains® 5.1 will be shown on the Digital Surf stand (2.M.5) at the Mesurexpo trade show in Paris from the 6th to the 8th of October 2009.

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