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Agilent Technologies Announces Availability of Enhanced Version DCM for Nanomechanical Testing

Agilent Technologies Inc., (NYSE: A) today announced the availability of an enhanced version of its popular Dynamic Contact Module (DCM) for nanomechanical testing of materials. The Agilent DCM II features 3x higher loading capability (30mN max load); easy tip exchange for quick removal and installation of application-specific tips; and a full 70?m range of indenter travel.

"The DCM II is designed to optimize nanomechanical testing for a very broad set of materials, such as semiconductors, thin films, MEMs, hard coatings, DLC films, composites, fibers, polymers, metals, ceramics and biomaterials," said Jeff Jones, operations manager for Agilent's nanoinstrumentation facility in Chandler, Ariz. "This new option is the latest in an ongoing series of innovative technology introductions aimed at furthering the research capabilities of Agilent Nano Indenter G200 and G300 users."

The Agilent DCM II extends the range of load-displacement experimentation down to the surface contact level. With the DCM II option, Agilent Nano Indenter G200 and G300 users can study the first few nanometers of an indentation into the surface of a material as well as the pre-contact mechanics. Using standard methods, the displacement resolution of the DCM II is determined to be 0.2 picometers. More importantly, real-world testing shows that the noise levels are typically less than an angstrom, ensuring the best resolution of any indenter on the market today. The Agilent DCM II has the lowest noise floor of any instrument of its type.

The DCM II indentation head can be configured for new or existing Agilent Nano Indenters. The DCM II head's flexible mounting bracket provides multiple mounting options so that the DCM II can be configured for specific applications.

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