96 School Classrooms in Russia to be Equipped NT-MDT NANOEDUCATOR

Under the contract of the Ministry of Education and Science 96 School classrooms in the Russian Federation will be equipped with the sets of training Scanning Probe Microscopes NANOEDUCATOR. Earlier these tools have already been installed in Russian universities. Such a program have no parallels in the Western countries and very helpful for young investigators in getting a foretaste of nanotechnology at early education stages. All the commitments of delivery and installation of NANOEDUCATORs fulfill the innovative nanotechnology company NT-MDT Co.

The installation of NANOEDUCATOR in educational institutions under the Russian Government contract began in 2008. The idea went from the Ministry of Education and Science who devoted funds to this large-scale project and brought it to life. And since then tens and hundreds of Russian students have had the real opportunity to enter the nanoscale world.

Nowadays about 200 NANOEDUCATOR classes have already been installed worldwide. Among them about 130 were planted according to the Government contract, the other – at private initiatives of universities, colleges, and research laboratories. If earlier the Government contracted establishing of NANOEDUCATORs only in universities, now they are available to schools. In accordance with the Government contract of 2009 NT-MDT Co. has already delivered 96 sets and in these very days the specialists of NT-MDT Co. are installing them.

In general, the Government initiative in the nanoeducational process in Russia takes the positive results. Many favorable responses were received and today we can see the first students’ scientific works. It should be noted that at the end of May 2010 NT-MDT Co. will hold an international conference devoted to the results of NANOEDUCATORs usage and sharing the nanoeducation experience. A score of professors, lecturers and investigators from different countries will come to this event. So it is obvious that the successful initiative of the Russian Government in the nanoeducation field is worth being further developed.

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