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Application Note Focusses on Nanomechanical Testing for Aerospace Applications

Micro Materials Ltd (Wrexham, UK) showcase data acquired using their unique NanoTest system in a recent application note focussed on aerospace applications.

The NanoTest system offers a range of nanomechanical test capabilities, including nanoindentation, nano-scratch, nano-wear, nano-impact, nano-fatigue and nano-fretting. The system can carry out this work under a range of environmental conditions, including in liquids, at temperatures up to 750°C, at sub-ambient temperatures down to -30°C, under controlled humidity and under oxygen-free conditions. This allows the researcher to evaluate mechanical properties under a range of true service conditions, rather than depending on data acquired under ambient laboratory conditions.

Applications Director Prof Ben Beake says 'This range of options is especially well suited to materials used in the aerospace industry, which often have to withstand extremes of temperature and wet/ humid conditions. The NanoTest is the only system available offering such a vast range of testing capability'.

A copy of the application note is available for download from the MML website.

Established in 1988 Micro Materials Ltd are manufacturers of the innovative NanoTest system, which offers unique nanomechanical test capability to materials researchers for the characterisation and optimisation of thin films, coatings and bulk materials. Techniques include nanoindentation, nano-scratch & wear, nano-impact & fatigue and nano-fretting.

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