Discera Announces Availability of Low Power CMOS Oscillators for MEMS Industry

Discera, Inc., the leading provider of semiconductor-based oscillator technology announced the production availability of the DSC1001 low power and the DSC8001 low power programmable PureSilicon families of CMOS oscillators.

These products advance the state-of-the-art in timing technology by operating at up to 150 MHz and 105 degrees C with reliability rates that are a 2x improvement over the MEMS industry and over 10x better than quartz.

The DSC1001 and DSC8001 enable smaller, lower power consumer, mobile, networking and video applications while delivering the reliability of products with up to 30x better shock and vibration immunity than older quartz or MEMS technology. They are available now in production quantities as drop-in replacements for all standard quartz and MEMS SMT oscillators.

“Discera has beaten the electronics industry’s expectations of what silicon can do by delivering 20ppm precision in a value-line product with wider frequency and operating ranges and more mobile application specific features than anything else out there,” said CEO Bruce Diamond. “These products’ 3 000G of mechanical shock and 30 000G of acceleration resistance is indicative of a 1 FIT per billion operating hours reliability rating that leads the industry. Semiconductor-based products require the semiconductor reliability that we deliver in the DSC1001 and DSC8001 families.”

The DSC1001 and DSC8001 are timing's most versatile families of products, available in industry-standard sizes including 2.5x2.0, 3.2x2.5, 5.0x3.2, and 7.0x5.0mm, with operating voltages from 1.65 to 3.60v, output loads from 15 to 45 pF, and frequency stability from 20 to 50ppm. The DSC1001 family is fixed frequency and the DSC8001 is programmable from 1 to 150 MHz with operating temperature ranges from 0 to 70 up to -40 to 105 degrees C. Jitter has been reduced by 70%, and temperature stability improved by 60% over older MEMS technology.

At volume pricing that starts at US$0.38 in 100K quantities, the DSC1001 and DSC8001 offer semiconductor reliability, versatility, and availability with quartz accuracy and pricing.

Source: http://www.discera.com/

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