Innovative Nanoindentation Technique Available Exclusively on Agilent Nano Indenter G200

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced an innovative nanoindentation technique available exclusively on the Agilent Nano Indenter G200 instrumentation platform. The new technique gives researchers the unprecedented ability to make substrate-independent measurements on thin film materials quickly, easily and confidently by means of nanoindentation. It is ideal for evaluating the elastic modulus of hard samples on soft substrates, or of soft samples on hard substrates.

"Our application scientists have created an intelligent, simple-to-use solution to a longstanding nanoindentation challenge," said Jeff Jones, operations manager for Agilent's nanoinstrumentation facility in Chandler, Ariz. "The new technique will have an immediate impact on research being conducted across a wide range of disciplines."

Substrate influence is a common problem when using nanoindentation to evaluate the elastic modulus of thin film materials. The technique is able to extract the film modulus from the measured substrate-affected modulus, assuming that the film thickness and substrate modulus are known. The technique is applicable to a variety of film-substrate systems.

Agilent's Jennifer Hay will present an overview of the technique at a special reception during Materials Research Society (MRS) in Boston on Nov. 30. Field luminary Warren Oliver will introduce Ms. Hay at the event.

As the world's most accurate, flexible and user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing, the G200 utilizes electromagnetic actuation to achieve unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement. The G200 enables measurement of Young's modulus and hardness in compliance with ISO 14577, as well as measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude - from nanometers to millimeters.

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