Sales of NT-MDT SPM's in the US Increase Threefold in 2010

NT-MDT Co. summed up the results of its sales volume in 2010. The amount of sales in the market of scanning probe microscopes in the U.S. increased threefold in 2010 as compared to 2009. NT-MDT Co. also showed substantial growth in all main world regions.

The world market of scanning probe microscopes (SPM) is mainly concentrated in the countries developing their science and innovative technologies. Most of the potential consumers of SPM products are located in research centers. Due to this fact, the most attractive markets are the markets of the USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

NT-MDT Co. has a very strong market position in Europe. The company's share in the EU market is 25% and the sales volume has been increasing steadily from year to year. Even the global financial crisis did not influence the sales. And in 2010, sales growth in Europe amounted to more than 35%.

The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing region, and NT-MDT Co. showed significant progress there last year. The sales volume of the company is high in Japan, South Korea and the Republic of India. Our recently established China office, NT-MDT Shanghai, has showed good results.

But the most significant results NT-MDT Co. managed to achieve were in the USA. The amount of sales in the U.S. SPM market increased threefold in 2010 as compared to 2009. NT-MDT Co. intends to extend its presence in the market and to attain 30% of the market share in the future.

There are some key products in the U.S. market as follows:

1) SPM NTEGRA Spectra. It is the fully integrated turnkey AFM, confocal Raman and Fluorescence microscopy and scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) in one platform.

By using a specially prepared sharp needle tip, NTEGRA Spectra can multiply the Raman signal strength by a few orders of magnitude from a precisely scanned, localized spot on the surface several nanometers in diameter. Even single molecules can be detected and recognized by their spectra. Lateral resolution of Raman (Tip Enhances Raman Scattering - TERS) and fluorescence maps is no longer limited by light diffraction and can be less than 15 nm.

2) Another much in demand product on the U.S. market is for our SOLVER NEXT. It is fully automated scanning probe microscope that became new promising trend on the world market. And NT-MDT Co. is the first company who has manufactured it.

This innovative device is at the forefront of scientific research opens up new paths of study in different fields of nanotechnology, providing all user levels with a full range of conventional SPM measuring techniques (such as topography, phase imaging, nanolithography and more).

The novel dual head system of SOLVER NEXT offers both AFM and STM under one hood. This enables researchers to gain the fastest time to results, excellent performance, increased accuracy, high reliability and unprecedented ease-of-use with no loss in resolution. The flexible, sleek and functional system incorporates smart software, automated head exchange, and motorized sample positioning under video monitored control. This allows for high quality images without the need for specially trained operators.

SOLVER NEXT provides a robust, diverse, and economic solution for classroom, industrial, routine biological and pharmaceutical labs, and makes AFM and STM accessible to a broader audience, even offering a special iPhoneTM applet for simple image analysis and image sharing.

Owing to these features SOLVER NEXT won the R&D 100 Award and entered into the list of Top-100 world developments in 2009.

3) And the third popular product line of NT-MDT Co. is in the educational devices. NANOEDUCATOR, student oriented SPM, developed for use by even first-time microscope users, it can navigate through the step-by-step operation. This device is designed to capture the student's interest in science and train future nanotechnologists using both AFM and STM techniques.

In 2010, NT-MDT Co. has released a 2nd generation of the product called NANOEDUCATOR II. It has expanded functionality that brings advanced results. NANOEDUCATOR II has already attracted much interest in the American market.

In accordance to the market research of the Future Markets Inc., NT-MDT Co. presents 16% of the worlds SPM market. Working for more than 20 years NT-MDT Co. has become the recognized leader in the manufacturing of new innovative equipment for studying surfaces at the nanoscale.


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