Prominent Nanotechnology Researcher Jacob Sagiv Honored

In the middle of January 2011 NT-MDT Co. was the key sponsor during the 2-day conference at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel dedicated to Prof. Dr. Jacob Sagiv's 65th-year Anniversary. About one hundred scientists attended the conference to express their respect to the guest of Honor.

Prof. Sagiv started his work in the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1978, where he currently holds a Full Professorship in the Department of Materials and Surfaces. During his work he introduced the power of the concepts of "Self-Assembled Monolayers" on solid surfaces and "Constructive Lithography".

In 2005 Prof. Sagiv received Israel's Chemical Society Award for his pioneering contributions to modern surface science, by developing methods for planned self-assembly of ordered arrays of molecules on surfaces, exemplified by the layer-by-layer assembly of amphiphilic silanes on silica, and by constructive nanolithography, which allows bottom-up fabrication of nanometer-sized structures using spatially defined, tip-induced nano-electrochemical oxidation of self-assembled monolayers.

His current research focuses on the rational utilization of processes of molecular self-assembly, combined with chemical reactions taking place at the interface between a solid material and a surrounding fluid (liquid or gas), as a general synthetic strategy for the construction of various types of artificual supramolecular structures of gradually increasing complexity.

In the late summer of 2009 NT-MDT Co. successfully equipped Prof. Sagiv's laboratory with a NTEGRA Aura system, which is a scanning probe microscope for studies under controlled environment conditions and low vacuum. The system was modified in accordance to Prof. Sagiv's requirements and technical task. NT-MDT Co. integrated a custom nanolithography application within NTEGRA Aura. In 2010 Prof. Sagiv proudly announced that promising new results in nanolithography have been achieved on NTEGRA Aura.

For more than 20 years NT-MDT Co. has successfully been operating within the SPM global market. During this time NT-MDT has repeatedly proven to be one of the leading developers and manufactures of innovative equipment for comprehensive studies of surfaces at the nanoscale.


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