Discera Ships MEMS-Based DSC20XX Oscillators

Discera, Inc., a leading provider of silicon timing technology announced that it is shipping the world’s highest performance multiple output MEMS oscillators.

The DSC20XX oscillators are available now in single and dual-output combinations with field-configurable output frequencies and drive strength. With 300 femtosecond RMS phase jitter and 10 ppm frequency stability, the DSC20XX are the highest performance silicon-based multiple output oscillators to enter production.

The DSC20XX family of CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, and HCSL oscillators allows engineers to optimize complex and costly multi-oscillator designs without sacrificing performance and flexibility. Using proven silicon MEMS technology, the DSC20XX meets the stringent performance needs of networking and telecommunications applications while delivering an attractive cost structure for consumer applications using multiple clocks.

“To support multiple functions or communications protocols, it was once necessary to use either numerous fixed frequency crystals or compromise between either low performance or high cost clock generator products,” said Discera CEO Bruce Diamond. “The DSC20XX oscillators lead a new category of products that use MEMS technology to deliver the flexibility and features of a clock generator without compromising performance or price.”

Any application that uses multiple quartz crystals or oscillators can reduce cost and complexity with DSC20XX oscillators. By delivering two high performance single-ended or differential clock sources, the dual-output versions of the DSC20XX can replace multiple clock sources and reduce solution size and cost with a single, integrated product. For applications that switch between multiple low-jitter timing references, single-output versions of the DSC20XX can be configured to output different pre-programmed frequencies and drive levels.

Development time for new products is also reduced with DSC20XX oscillators. Any DSC20XX-based clock design can be easily reconfigured for new frequency requirements through a simple control pin interface. This simple interface also supports reconfiguration of drive strength levels to support different ASICs, FPGAs, or Image sensors, and reduce EMI without the need for additional board spins.

Key Features of the DSC20XX oscillators include:

  • Availability in any combination of single or dual CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, and HCSL outputs
  • Field-configurable oscillator modes for up to 8 pre-programmed frequencies and drive levels
  • Ultra-low phase jitter of 300 femtosecond RMS at 156.25 MHz (integrated 200 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • Industry-leading frequency accuracy up to 10 ppm across temperature
  • Widest available temperature ranges up to -55 to 125 C
  • Very small 3.2x2.5mm 14-pin standard plastic package
  • Production leadtime of 2 weeks

At volume pricing of less than $1.75 in 10K quantities for the dual CMOS DSC2011, the fully-integrated DSC20XX MEMS oscillators offer semiconductor reliability and versatility, with better accuracy, leadtime and pricing than crystal oscillators or clock generators.

Source: http://www.discera.com/

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