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Multek Receives Certification for Nano-Composite Polymer Usage in PCBs

Shocking Technologies has declared that Multek, a fully owned subsidiary of Flextronics, has been certified to use Shocking Tech's XStatic voltage switchable dielectric (VSD) material to produce printed circuit boards (PCBs). The certification has been obtained by continuous co-operation between the two companies and testing of VSD material in Multek’s PCB’s.

Shocking Technologies' XStatic VSD material is a nano-composite polymer used to protect electronic products from electrostatic discharge (ESD). When the voltage is normal, VSD works significantly as a dielectric insulator and when the voltage exceeds the predefined threshold, it acts as a conductor. When the voltage reduces below the threshold and attains normal level, nano-composite polymer retains its original form as an insulator.

When XStatic VSD material is embedded in a PCB or a package substrate, ESD voltages and currents that cause damage to the circuits, elements, components, systems, and machines can be routed to earth or to other predetermined outlets ensuring safety against ESD dangers.

Shocking Tech has introduced a system-level ESD simulation technique that complements the deployment of XStatic material and design procedures. This enables to identify ESD strength of a device at any assumed risk irrespective of the presence of mechanical elements such as a metal shield. The simulation discovers active and passive components, elements and circuits subjected to the risk of getting affected by current or voltage fluctuations so as to provide the necessary protection.

The collaboration between Shocking Technologies and Multek, favors Multek to produce PCBs that meet mechanical, electrical, and reliability industry standards and provide high ESD resistance and offer minimum system cost to OEMs.


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