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Nanovea's Mechanical Tester Obtains Consistent Yield Strength on Nanomaterials

Nanovea launched its patent pending innovative technique of obtaining yield strength through indentation, thus changing the conventional tensile testing device for measuring yield strength.

In the past, yield strength has been evaluated using a large device requiring a great amount of strength to pull plastic, metal and other materials apart. The yield strength or yield point is the point of stress when a material undergoes plastic deformation. Prior to attaining the yield point, a material will change shape elastically but gets back to its original shape when stress is withdrawn. This property is important for micro materials and nanomaterials used in industries such as energy, microelectronics, biomedical, and others. The most efficient technique involved large sample preparation and use of huge machines, and cannot be carried out on localized regions and minute samples.

Information about the yield strength can be easily achieved with the help of the Mechanical Tester from Nanovea in indentation mode. The patent pending technique from Nanovea features a cylindrical flat edge to deliver yield strength just like the one’s recorded using conventional techniques. It has been found that there is a directly proportional relationship between per surface area load where the flat tip penetrates at a high speed and the load versus surface area where the material begins to flow in a tensile mode test. Consistent yield strength results were obtained in a wide range of small or large materials that has never been achieved before. The fact that this specific test has been successful demonstrates the wide testing ability of the Nanovea Mechanical Tester.


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