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Protochips Expands Domestic and International Distribution Network for Advanced Electron Microscope

A company developing revolutionary solutions for in situ electron microscope, Protochips, has declared the expansion of its distribution network both internationally and domestically for its product lines that include Poseidon and Aduro.

Aduro is a scalable platform for quantitative electron microscopy. The systems revolutionize the analytical capabilities of electron microscopes by providing the ability to do in situ work at temperatures up to 1200 °C with atomic resolution

The expansion of the Protochips’ distribution network indicates the increasing demand for its products as well as its goals to offer excellent customer service. The main inclusions in its distribution network recently include Angstrom Scientific, JoeXray, and PicoScientific.

Earlier, the application of the electron microscope was confined to imaging specimens only at room temperature. Hence, researchers while studying the reactions at high temperature first, started the reaction of the sample at high temperature and later, before imaging cooled the sample and then took a photograph of the reaction. The Aduro system has created a revolution in electron microscopy by allowing real-time imaging at temperatures up to 12000 C. Thus, researchers can now finish dynamic thermal studies at a high resolution. The Aduro E-chip components are customized to fulfill the necessary requirements of a study. The traditional TEM grid is replaced by E-chip sample features that offer electro-thermal, thermal, or electrical stimulus to the specimen.

The Poseidon system is regarded as a fluid-based system which enables the imaging of both biological and material samples. It is now possible to study the samples, those which previously could not be imaged in real-time or which needed freezing, directly in their own environment. The Poseidon E-chip components are highly flexible as they enable to customize flow path and sample volumes on the basis of each experiment. The three distributors of Protochips added recently will supply long-lasting items, Poseidon and Aduro and elated E-chip consumables.


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