Taiwanese Manufacturer Orders Heidelberg Instruments’ VPG 800 Maskless Lithography System

Heidelberg Instruments, a designer, developer and producer of laser lithography systems, has announced that it has secured an order to supply its VPG 800 maskless lithography system to Kinsus Interconnect Technology, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Heidelberg Instruments manufactures high precision maskless lithography systems that are used for photomask manufacturing and direct writing by several universities and companies operating in the fields of plasma displays, BioMEMS, MEMS, TFT, ASICS, nanotechnology and micro optics. The VPG 800 maskless lithography system is suitable for the mass production of photomasks for numerous demanding applications that includes sophisticated electronic packaging.

Kinsus Interconnect Technology is the leading producer of cavity down substrates, plastic ball grid array (BGA) substrates, multi-chip-modules BGA substrates, thermal enhanced-BGA substrates, chip on flex and chip scale package mini-BGA substrates and more. The company’s products are used in the production of analog integrated circuits, graphic chips, chipsets, logic integrated circuits, dynamic random access memory products, flash memory products and more. The company has manufacturing facilities across the world.

According to Alexander Forozan, who serves as Heidelberg Instruments’ Head of Global Sales and Business Development, the new order to support the production requirements of Kinsus Interconnect Technology is a proof to the potential of the company’s VPG portfolio of systems, which have inexpensive, dependable, field-proven and mass-production capabilities. The company admires Kinsus Interconnect Technology’s confidence on the company’s maskless lithography systems and expects future partnerships and long-term relationships, he added.

Source: http://www.himt.de

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