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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces TraceGOLD Gas Chromatography Column with SafeGuard Feature

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a new series of TraceGOLD Analytical Gas Chromatography (GC) Column along with SafeGuard feature. Here, the GC column has been integrated with a built in column.

Conventionally, GC columns are usually cut regularly to remove any deposits that might contaminate the column to ensure long life for the column. However this procedure reduces their accuracy levels, peak resolution and overall quality.

TraceGOLD GC column from Thermo Fisher Scientific enables users to cut the GC column during the course of the maintenance without affecting the quality of the GC column. The company has created a wide range of columns in the TraceGOLD series such as the TraceGOLD TG-1301MS, TraceGOLD TG-1701MS, TraceGOLD TG-17MS, TraceGOLD TG-1MS, TraceGOLD TG-1MS Guard, TraceGOLD-TG-1MT Metal, TraceGOLD TG-200MS, TraceGOLD TG-225MS and TraceGOLD TG-35MS Amine GC columns among others. These GC columns are particularly useful in applications like food safety analysis, petrochemical analysis, forensic analysis, environmental analysis and injecting volatile sample matrix.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides its scientific services to universities, government agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinical diagnostic labs, industries that involve process and environment control, research institutions and biotech companies. They have two major brands that include Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific.


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