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Digital Surf Topographical Imaging Software to be Used on Heliotis Optical Profilers

Heliotis and Digital Surf announced that MountainsMap Imaging Topography surface metrology software based upon Digital Surf's Mountains Technology will be supplied with Heliotis M3 and M3-XL 3D Optical Profilers.

M3 and M3-XL 3D Optical Profilers have been designed for the most demanding applications in scientific research, lab automation, process development, quality inspection and production monitoring, including micromechanics, electronics, life sciences and forensics. Integrating Heliotis' patented and proven smart-pixel CMOS sensor based on pOCT (parallel Optical low-Coherence Tomography) technology, the optical profilers provide high speed measurement (up to 1 million 2D-slices per second) and vertical resolution down to 20 nanometers.

MountainsMap Imaging Topography software is used to visualize 3D surfaces in real time and create visual surface metrology reports in a highly intuitive desktop publishing environment. Based upon Digital Surf's Mountains Technology the software integrates the latest standards and methods including ISO 25178 3D parameters for areal surface texture, ISO 16610 advanced roughness/waviness filtering techniques, sub-surface analysis, 4D analysis of surface evolution and multi-scale wavelets analysis. Every step in the analysis of a surface is stored in an analysis workflow that ensures full metrological traceablility and makes it possible to fine tune any step on the fly.
In addition powerful automation tools ensure high productivity: series of measurements can be analyzed automatically by applying templates and common sequences of analysis steps can be saved for insertion in any analysis report.

The MountainsMap Imaging Topography software is modular and can be configured to meet almost all surface analysis requirements. The standard package contains everything needed for basic analysis of surface geometry and texture. It can be extended by optional modules for advanced surface texture analysis, 3D Fourier analysis, grains and particles analysis, contour analysis, surface evolution analysis, wavelets analysis and statistics.

"The integration of industry-standard MountainsMap software guarantees that users of Heliotis M3 and M3-XL Optical Profilers will be able to carry out surface analysis in a user-friendly environment in accordance with the latest surface metrology standards and methods," stated Rudolph Moosburger, CEO of Heliotis. "Its modularity means that our customers can work with configurations that meet their specific requirements."

"MountainsMap is subject to continuous evolution and Heliotis customers will be able to acquire the latest version 6.2 software," stated François Blateyron, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Surf.

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