Winners of NT-MDT's ProIMAGE AFM Competition Have Been Announced

The competition of AFM-images obtained with NT-MDT probes, ProIMAGE Contest 2011 has concluded. Participants from all over the world submitted their images. NT-MDT collected a great scan-gallery of 134 new pictures. NT-MDT received amazing, funny, scientific and aesthetic images.

And now is the time to announce three best pictures of the year elected by the jury.

The 1st place is Denise Erb and her scan "Growth"!

Scan size: 1 x 1 µm Probes used: HA_NC

Mrs. Denise Erb is a Ph.D. student in the research group at DESY ("German Electron Synchrotron") in Hamburg, Germany. The group pursues a bottom-up approach for effective and large-scale nanopatterning of metallic films. They try to overcome the limitations of top-down lithographical methods, which are restricted regarding the minimum size of the fabricated nanostructures. Denise and her colleagues combine the x-ray scattering methods GISAXS (grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering) and NRS (nuclear resonant scattering) to follow the structural and magnetic evolvement of growing iron nanostructures in-situ during sputter deposition.

The 2nd place - Dr. Martyna Grydlik and her image "Nano-turtle"

Dr. Martyna Grydlik obtained her PhD degree last year in Linz, Austria. She investigates mainly SiGe heterostructures, especially quantum dots obtained during heteroepitaxial growth, with electronic properties similar to those of atoms. Martyna developed the process of growing ordered SiGe dots and examined their structural properties by means of Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy as well as optical ones by Photoluminescence measurements.

The 3rd place - Dr. Ronald Tararam and his image "Fire"

Dr. Ronald Tararam works at the Sao Paulo State University at the Multidisciplinary Center for Development of Ceramic Materials (MCDCM). Ronald's research interests involve the use of SPM techniques for electrical characterization of materials and devices.

NT-MDT congratulates the winners! They will be awarded Diplomas and certificates of 3000 USD for the 1st place, 2000 USD for the 2nd place, 1000 USD for the 3rd place.

NT-MDT thanks all the participants for the excellent AFM-images and wishes everyone further brilliant results!

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