Haydale to Display Advanced Technologies and Products at Graphene 2012

Innovative Carbon’s subsidiary, Haydale based in South Wales, UK, will display its latest products at Graphene 2012, which will be held from April 10 to 13, 2012, in Brussels.

Haydale is recognized for its patented plasma based process that helps in large-scale manufacture of graphene nano platelets from powdered graphite. With this split plasma process, the company is now able to produce commercial quantities of high-quality graphene nano platelets in an eco-friendly and economic way.

At Graphene 2012, Haydale will demonstrate the innovative process and its characterization capability. The company will also display its latest products manufactured using the process. The products to be displayed include graphene loaded polymer pellets; samples of graphene nano platelets; a transparent conductive membrane, which can be used as a replacement for indium tin oxide used in touch screen devices and photovoltaic cells; and a conductive ink that can be used as a substitute for certain silver based pellets. This conductive ink finds use in multiple applications, including security and RF identification industries.

Haydale’s graphene nano platelets and other products are now available in the marketplace under the brand name, HDPlas. Organization can now perform product analysis and prototyping using the company’s HDPlas portfolio of products. The company conducts pilot trials at the customers’ site to assess the impacts of its graphene nano platelets on customer’s products and materials and evaluate whether they are suitable for scalable production.

Haydale can provide HDPlas range of products from stock and based on orders as it owns advanced facilities in South Wales. Since the company offers its products with technical analysis sheets, buyers are able to know product specifications immediately, thus saving their time and resource from independent authentication procedures.

Source: http://www.haydale.com

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