NT-MDT Participates in Global Research Projects

NT-MDT manufacturs high-tech equipment for nanotechnological needs. Each product is the result of a unique combination of advanced technology, sophisticated software, high-quality microelectronic components and precision mechanics.

In the process of creating their latest nanotechnological equipment NT-MDT has chosen to integrate into the global system of leading innovative, scientific and research centers. The company has offices in strategically important regions: in the European Union, USA and China. They enable NT-MDT to participate actively in a number of major international projects in the field of research and development.

For example, NT-MDT Europe BV is an active participant and a partner of the 7th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (FP7) in such projects as ThinSi, NANOSPIN and NANORAY.

The last project NANORAY, has recently been successfully finished after more than three years of scientific research. The result of the NANORAY is an innovative technology for generating X-rays using a cold cathode based on selectively grown carbon nanotubes. The final device will be easy to use; it will be able to reduce costs, to provide a high image resolution thanks to the smaller focal spot of X-rays, and to make the X-ray camera much more compact. Moreover, the system will be portable weighing about 5 kg. As such it could be used in an ambulance.

Due to the level of interest raised by the NANORAY technology, the European Commission are assisting with the industrialisation phase of the research activities. Information, progress and results from the project have been widely covered by the likes of Euronews.

The global partnership plays a leading role in the NT-MDT organization of interdisciplinary research and scientific cooperation in Europe. The project program is involved in several fields, including cooperation between science and industry, breakthrough research and development of innovative capacity.

Participation in such projects contributes to the development of innovative activities, manufacturing and acceptance of nanotechnological equipment, nanomaterials and nanotechnology for various applications in materials science, nanoelectronics, bioengineering and molecular diagnostics.


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