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Specific Environmental Solutions for Research Applications

Instrument users and manufacturers alike come across a shared problem when trying to find the exact environmental isolation solution for their research application: the product recommended is often too generic and doesn't properly address the intricacies of their research requirements.

Herzan understands there is a present need for personalized solutions that do not overlook unique challenges within instruments. It is paramount for all Herzan customers to feel confident that their applications are not settling for what is readily available.

Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Herzan has made strong commitments to enhance the manufacturing capabilities of its production staff, providing newfound solutions to all prospective customers. With increased manufacturing systems capable of large scale production, Herzan is positioned to provide user specific products that are not only cost effective, but also maintain the high level of quality and performance associated with standard Herzan offerings.

Custom Solution Opportunities

Herzan has successfully designed numerous custom solutions ranging from large scale acoustic enclosures, tabletop active vibration isolation systems, custom EMI Isolation systems and many more. These custom solutions began with an intensive design and engineering process with Herzan's technical staff to ensure all nuances within the requirements of an application were addressed.

Herzan's most popular custom solutions range from unique acoustic enclosure systems to integrated tabletop active or passive vibration isolation systems (among many others). If a customer prefers to have a tabletop configuration, but still wants to receive the excellent performance of an AVI-200 system, Herzan can easily design an integrated solution to meet the needs for functionality, quality and performance. Herzan is happy to work closely with customers to tailor a solution around the various requirements of a specific application, ensuring the best results possible.

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Herzan LLC is a comprehensive environmental solutions provider to the high precision research market. Herzan's primary competencies are designing high-end vibration, acoustic and EMI isolation systems. Herzan is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA, with sales and service staff throughout the North and South America, Europe, and East Asia.


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