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P2i to Display Aridion Nano-Coating at CEA LineShows

At CEA LineShows, P2i, a provider of liquid repellent nano-coating technology, will display its Aridion nano-coating that gives superior protection to electronic devices against summer splashes and spills caused by the pool and at the beach.

The Aridion coating alters the interaction of liquids with the surfaces as well as on the inside of electronic devices like e-readers and smartphones without affecting the feel, look and functionality. The P2i technology reduces the device’s surface energy, which in turn decreases the interference of intermolecular bonds inside the water. This allows the water to stay in the droplet form rather than spreading over the external surface or entering into the internal circuit boards.

P2i’s Chief Commercial Officer, Eric Cohill stated that the company’s research has highlighted the importance of providing protection from splashes and spills, particularly during the summer period because more number of people utilize their electronic devices at the beach or at the pool side. According to the research results, 47% of Americans put their cell phones at risk when they take them to the pool or the beach.

Cohill further said that manufacturers are facing a real challenge over providing some form of water protection to electronic devices because they may contain valuable information and data. A damaged phone is a series issue for both consumers and businesses. Since a damaged phone reduces billing hours as well as forces consumers to seek another supplier; networks are also spurring demand for device makers.


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