ULVAC Technologies Provides Solutions for Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies

ULVAC Technologies deposition and etching equipment provides fabrication solutions for non-volatile memory technologies which are predicted to succeed NAND Flash.

Recent market trends have shown that commercialized and near-commercialized circuits are optimized across speed, density, power effciency and manufacturability. The development and maturation of NAND Flash as an affordable, non-volatile, solid-state data storage solution has helped usher in an era of mobile technology.

Flash memory, however, is not suited to all applications. As Flash continues to shrink (geometry nodes) it becomes less and less reliable. As of April 2011, the theoretical Flash cell size is 19nm. Beyond that point, the stability of Flash becomes highly suspect. We are approaching the limit of Flash technology.

There are other non-volatile memory technologies that have been developed, or are presently undergoing development. These technologies are: PCRAM, ReRAM, FERAM, and MRAM.

ULVAC offers a range of manufacturing equipment for all of the non-volatile memory solutions noted above. The ENTRON™ EX, ENTRON&trade N300, Magest S200 and ULHITE NE-7800H provide sputtering, etching and deposition solutions ideal for fabrication of these emerging memory trechnologies.

For more information on these products, please visit the ULVAC website.


Founded in Japan in 1952, ULVAC is an international corporation that designs, manufacturers and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications of vacuum technology. Today, ULVAC is a leading global supplier of production systems, instrumentation, pumps and vacuum components used in the semiconductor, flat panel display, disk/magnetic media, and industrial manufacturing markets. The corporation is comprised of some 36 individual companies engaged in all sectors of the vacuum industry. The ULVAC name is derived from the company's conceptual foundation - "The ULtimate in VACuum Technology".

From left to right: ULHITE NE-7800H Plasma Etching System; ENTRON N300 Etching System; ENTRON-EX Sputtering System; Magest 200 Multi-chamber Deposition system. Image credit: ULVAC Technologies.

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