FEI Introduces New Verios Extreme High Resolution SEM

FEI, a provider of imaging and analysis solutions for industry and research, has extended its dominance in the high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM) market with the introduction of the Verios XHR SEM.

Verios XHR Scanning Electron Microscope

The Verios delivers improved contrast and sub-nanometer resolution to accurately measure beam-sensitive materials in sophisticated semiconductor production and materials science applications. It is the second-generation system of FEI's proven XHR SEM line.

Traditional SEM demonstrates poor performance t low kV. On the other hand, the Verios system delivers remarkable sensitivity towards surface detail, thanks to its advanced optics. It enables users to maintain sample purity, to switch rapidly between different operating conditions, and to achieve sub-nanometer resolution at an accelerating voltage range between 1 and 30 kV.

Besides delivering remarkable high-resolution performance, the Verios unveils new detection technologies. The combination of sophisticated filtering abilities and improved signal collection not only delivers more-flexible and higher contrast generation, but also enables for the analysis of a wide variety of samples. Thus, the new system allows for highly accurate nanoscale observation of a majority of non-conductive or beam-sensitive materials without any preparation.

Rudy Kellner, who serves as Vice President and General Manager for FEI’s Electronics Business Unit, stated that the Verios XHR SEM increases the lifespan of SEM as key metrology equipment in semiconductor process control laboratories by enabling engineers to perform measurements on beam-sensitive materials and structures that are very small for traditional SEM. With the company’s IC3D software, the Verios is a powerful tool that is capable of providing accurate measurements to control processes at £ 22 nm technology node.

Trisha Rice, Vice President and General Manager for FEI's Materials Science Business Unit, commented that the Verios enable scientists to record the high-contrast, high-resolution images needed without transforming to TEM or other imaging technologies.

Source: http://www.fei.com/

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