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PCB Manufacturer Certified to Use Shocking Technologies’ Nanocomposite for ESD Protection

Shocking Technologies, a developer of the patented nanocomposite material named as Voltage Switchable Dielectric that gives protection for electronic products against electrostatic discharge (ESD), has reported that Viasystems and its subsidiary DDi have been certified to make printed circuit boards (PCBs) using Shocking Technologies’ breakthrough Voltage Switchable Dielectric (VSD) material.

Viasystems is known as a key supplier of complex PCBs to the automotive industry and has a strong presence in the Chinese electronics industry. The certification is a result of a period of successful assessment of Shocking Technologies’ XStatic VSD material by Viasystems.

Shocking Technologies' VSD polymer nanocomposite, XStatic material works largely as a dielectric or an insulator during typical circuit operation and turns out to be largely conductive during an increase in voltage above a predefined threshold value. However, the material can again work as an insulator when the voltage reaches its normal operating value. Hence, the XStatic material can be integrated in package substrates or PCBs to route damage-causing ESD currents and voltages to ground or to other designated sites, thus protecting devices, components, circuits and elements from ESD events. The XStatic solution lowers component number, thus providing more space for other functionalities, reducing development time, optimizing ESD protection and simplifying design.

Shocking Technologies’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Lex Kosowsky stated that the XStatic material continues to gain attention, thanks to the recognition of its user-friendliness and capabilities by the world’s major PCB manufacturers. The company is happy about the certification and validation of its solution by Viasystems, another key printed circuit board maker. Viasystems is looking forward to work with its customers to help them leverage the proven benefits offered by XStatic material.


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