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The Artemis Project Selects NanoH2O for 2012 Top 50 Water Tech Listing

The Artemis Project has selected NanoH2O, a provider of cost-effective, high-performance reverse osmosis membranes for seawater desalination, for the 2012 Artemis Top 50 Water Tech Listing.

With this, NanoH2O has been nominated for the fourth successive year by the Artemis Project, which supports solutions to handle global water issues. A selection panel including experts from Singapore's Public Utilities Board, Carollo Engineers, McKinsey, Syngenta, Ecolab, IBM, Archer Daniels Midland and Intel compiled the 2012 list.

NanoH2O’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Green stated that the company is proud to be included in the list for one more time with other water industry innovators. High energy costs have been the long-standing challenge to use reverse osmosis desalination for handling water scarcity problem. The company’s advanced nanocomposite membrane technology has been rapidly adopted in the desalination industry, thanks to its ability to lower energy consumption of seawater reverse osmosis system. Green added that since their introduction in April 2011, the company’s QuantumFlux membranes have been deployed in more than 50 installations in 33 countries, reflecting a total capacity of over 20 million gallons per day. The company is happy about this recognition by the Artemis Project in its initiatives to honor the most import advancements in water purification technology.

The Chair of the Artemis Top 50, Laura Shenkar informed that the Artemis Top 50 is the water industry’s standard for significant innovations, identifying novel challenges that will address the global water challenges.


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