Agilent Technologies Announces NanoMeasure Symposium at University of Warsaw

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that NanoMeasure 2013, a scientific symposium, will take place June 25-26 at the University of Warsaw in Poland. The two-day event, the company's third such symposium, will feature some of the world's most prestigious scientists presenting leading-edge, nanomeasurement-driven research.

The agenda comprises four application-focused sessions:

  • In Situ Life Science Studies, Biomaterials and Single-molecule Characterization at the Nanoscale.
  • Films, Membranes and Materials for Renewable Energy.
  • Nanomechanical Properties of Organic and Inorganic Materials.
  • Discovering and Exploring New Nanoscale Frontiers.

The symposium's keynote speaker is George M. Pharr, Ph.D., of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

"NanoMeasure 2013 offers a friendly, professional forum for researchers to share their work with one another," said Jeff Jones, operations manager for Agilent's nanoinstrumentation facility in Chandler, Ariz. "Each of our first two symposiums, held in 2010 at Jagiellonian University [Krakow, Poland] and in 2012 at Stanford University [California], drew tremendous international interest."

All users of atomic force microscopes, nanomechanical test instrumentation, and complementary nanomeasurement techniques and technologies are encouraged to submit paper and poster abstracts. Each of the sessions will include guest speakers and as many as 10 presented papers, selected on their merit by an independent scientific committee. The program will be augmented by a comprehensive poster session.

The four session chairs for NanoMeasure 2013 are Prof. Dr. Peter Hinterdorfer (Johannes Kepler University, Linz), Prof. Dr. Renata Bilewicz (University of Warsaw), Warren C. Oliver, Ph.D. (Nanomechanics, Inc.), and Prof. Boris Mizaikoff, Ph.D. (University of Ulm).

Among the symposium's scheduled guest speakers are Prof. Dr. Denis Fichou (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris), Prof. Dr. H.-D. Wiemhöfer (Westfälische Wilhelms University, Muenster), Prof. Dr. Juergen Smoliner (Vienna University of Technology), Prof. Dr. Roland Bennewitz (INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbruecken), Prof. Bharat Bhushan, Ph.D. (Ohio State University), and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ting Yu (Nanyang Technological University).

Additional information regarding registration, submitting paper and poster abstracts, and symposium speakers is available at

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