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Recent Survey by P2i About Consumers Expectations of Surface Protection on Phone

A recent international survey commissioned in April 2013 by P2i confirms that consumers expect high levels of everyday water protection on phones as standard.

The research follows a study conducted one year ago, and reveals more people are taking their phones into hazardous environments, without always being aware of the potential for water damage. Commenting on the survey results, Dr. Stephen Coulson, CTO, P2i said: “It’s not surprising that 42 per cent of people surveyed had accidently water damaged their phone, particularly given that 62 per cent had never thought about water protection, or simply relied on being extra careful.  

It was interesting to see that although people are water conscious in the sense that they avoid taking their phones to the beach (2 percentage point decrease) or using it by the pool (only a 6 percentage point increase), they do expect to be able to take their phone in the rain (70 per cent) or use it in a steamy kitchen (86 per cent) without damaging it or having to pay for aftermarket protection.”

Image credits: P2i Limited.

In just one year there was a 19 percentage point increase in the number of people taking their phone into pubs and cafés, while bathrooms also proved popular (61 per cent) with usage up 12 percentage points. A

further 54 per cent admitted to taking their phone into the toilet, and a brave 12 per cent had used their phone in the shower.    

Dr. Coulson said, “The survey sends an urgent message to manufacturers that people expect their phones to be able to withstand the hazards of everyday environments, as standard. We are already working closely

with leading brands, including Motorola® and Alcatel One Touch®, providing a splash-proof coating which dramatically increases the reliability of smartphones, giving greater levels of water protection.”

In January 2013, P2i previewed its next generation Dunkable™ technology. This game-changing coating provides extra protection against full submergence in accidental conditions. As a hydrophobic barrier, the

new, denser coating, allows smartphones to reach an IPx7 water rating, which is equivalent to surviving a call under one meter of water for half an hour.  

“As consumers continue to adopt smartphones and tablets into their everyday life, the need for higher levels of water protection will continue to increase. P2i is in a strong position having protected tens of millions of

devices with the splash-proof coating, and looks forward to a great year ahead as the commercialization of Dunkable™ continues”, said Dr. Coulson.  

About P2i  

P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology. It was established in 2004 to commercialize liquid repellent treatments developed by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. Now on a commercial scale, P2i’s patented process has been successfully applied to a wide range of products in a wide range of markets including Electronics, Lifestyle, Filtration & Energy, Life Sciences and Military & Institutional. 

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