Agilent Technologies 5500 AFM Now Has Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) Capabilities

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the availability of scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) capabilities for its premier-performance atomic force microscope, the 5500 AFM. Agilent's second-generation SMM nose cone makes this unique electrical measurement option compatible with the 5500 system.

The scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) capabilities for the 5500 AFM from Agilent Technologies.

"Thanks to a modular AFM design, we can now offer our innovative SMM mode to scientists who use the 5500, while also greatly improving the experience of those who have been performing scanning microwave microscopy measurements with our 5420 and 5600LS systems," said Tianwei Jing, R&D manager for Agilent's nanoinstrumentation facility in Chandler, Ariz. "The newly enhanced electrical measurement capabilities of the 5500 AFM complement its world-class imaging performance, outstanding application flexibility, and unparalleled environmental control."

Agilent's exclusive SMM mode combines the compound, calibrated electrical measurement capabilities of a microwave vector network analyzer with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope. SMM mode is particularly useful for testing and characterizing semiconductors. It enables complex impedance (resistance and reactance) measurements, and can be used to acquire calibrated capacitance and dopant density measurements as well. SMM works on all major semiconductor types and does not require an oxide layer.

The second-generation SMM nose cone significantly improves the user experience. Simplified setup of the scanner and nose cone reduces the number of steps required to begin collecting data and improves the probe exchange. The new nose cone is fully compatible with Agilent's popular, high-precision 5420, 5500 and 5600LS AFM systems.

SMM mode is ideal for studying glasses, polymers, ceramics and metals, along with ferroelectric, dielectric and PZT materials. It is also perfect for investigating organic films, membranes and biological samples. Furthermore, SMM is highly useful for characterizing interfacial properties and contrast from molecular vibrational modes.

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