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Oil & Gas Reservoir Characterization a New FEI Webcast

FEI is proud to introduce a special series of webcasts sharing the latest information on characterizing oil and gas reservoirs with electron microscopy technology. In these video presentations, FEI application specialists will summarize their latest presentations from URTEC, SCA and SPWLA.

The fine grained nature of shale makes scanning electron microscopy (SEM) an essential part of the core analysis suite of techniques. Typically, the SEM is used for both imaging and for elemental analysis by energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDS). Both imaging and EDS analysis require a specific approach when working on shale samples.

In this webcast your will learn about:

•    Textural and mineralogical heterogeneity in shale
•    MAPS technology for creating SEM mosaics
•    Workflow for advanced core analysis with the SEM technology

This webcast is essential viewing for:
•    Petrophysicists and exploration geologists
•    Geophysicists involved in shale oil and gas research
•    Petroleum geologists
•    Anyone interested in unconventional reservoir characterization and rock analysis technology

For your convenience, this webcast is now available for on-demand viewing. Watch it here.

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