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Micro Materials Launch NanoTest Xtreme for Nanomechnical Testing Under Vacuum Conditions

Micro Materials are pleased to announce the launch of the NanoTest Xtreme, a step change in the capabilities of the NanoTest, allowing testing in more extreme environments than ever before by allowing testing in vacuum.

The Xtreme builds on the NanoTest design advantages to provide industry-leading measurement stability through the full temperature range from -100 to 850 ˚C.

The ability to test in vacuum also opens up the way for future development, we are currently working to expand our temperature range further from -150 to 1000 ˚C.

The extended test capability of the Xtreme opens up new prospects working in cutting edge applications, for example:

  • Low oxygen, low temperatures for satellite development 
  • High temperatures for aerospace engine components
  • High temperatures for power station  steam pipes
  • Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding
  • The effect of cold on weld repairs in oil/gas pipelines
  • Tool coatings for high speed machining

Wider range of capability than ever before:

  • Testing in vacuum or back-filled with gas
  • High temperature beyond that provided by the NanoTest Vantage, up to 850 ˚C
  • Low temperature without frosting of samples, down to -100 ˚C
  • Complete range of nano-mechanical tests:
    • Indentation
    • Scratch & wear
    • Friction
    • High strain rate impact

Key advantages for the customer

  • Match the working conditions of test materials
  • Ultimate stability, accuracy and confidence in results
  • Avoid sample/indenter oxidation
  • Accurate assessment of working-life performance
  • Meet the challenges of the next generation of engineering materials

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