NT-MDT Installs Unique AFM with RAMAN, TERS, and SNOM Capabilities at University of Limerick

The University of Limerick has received one of Europe's most powerful microscopes supported by NT-MDT, a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force based microscopes (AFM). NT-MDT recently installed a unique Atomic Force Microscope with RAMAN, TERS, and SNOM capabilities (NTEGRA Spectra).

This is a very rare device that combines AFM with spectroscopy analysis and confocal microscopy techniques to provide scientists with an ultimate tool for their research. Only a few manufacturers in the world have the capability of providing an integrated AFM of this kind with such versatile capabilities. This equipment from NT-MDT was funded by the Science Foundation Ireland.

"This hybrid unique AFM is a trend setter in bringing together the AFM's ability to see very small things, typically thousands of times smaller than hair, while at the same time seeing the chemistry of the various physical and biological samples at that small size," explains Dr. Tofail Syed of the Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) of University of Limerick. "This AFM is an important addition to UL's world leading expertise in the field of chemical nanoscopy and will significantly boost our ongoing research on early-stage diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and various types of cancers. It will serve well the needs of both academia and industry," he adds. "Only a few manufacturers in the world have the capability of providing an integrated AFM of this kind with such versatile capabilities."

"This equipment from NT-MDT was procured under funding from the Science Foundation Ireland," notes Dr. Mary Shire, Vice President Research of University of Limerick. "This investment is a further strengthening of the state-of-the-art characterisation facilities available at the University of Limerick. The NTEGRA Spectra adds an excellent leading edge capability to facilitate our multidisciplinary research teams and I very much look forward to the results that this novel equipment will deliver," she adds.

Denis Stoiakine, CEO NT-MDT Ireland, expresses his delight in the success of the installation. "NT-MDT are uniquely placed to support this project," he explains. "We are based in The National Technological Park next to The University of Limerick and for the past 10 years have had several European and local projects together with The University of Limerick and MSSI as well as employing numerous UL graduates in our R&D department. We have also supported UL by providing a training facility for co-op students in the past. The latest device (NTEGRA Spectra) currently is installed in our laboratory which the University of Limerick scientists will use until the new MSSI building is completed. As part of the installation it was exciting to have Dr. Tofail Syed and his colleague Dr. Lekshmi Kailas to come and view our specialist installation engineers in action.

"We are proud to support this project and look forward to building on our long term association with the excellent Materials and Surface Science Institute team at The University of Limerick."

For more information on NT-MDT please visit: http://www.ntmdt.com

For more information on Materials & Research Science Institute please visit: http://www.ul.ie/mssi

Source: http://www.ntmdt.com/

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