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Next-Level Nanotechnology Tools from Nanosurf

“Microscopy Made Easy” has been the Nanosurf slogan for many years and one of the guiding principles in product development since its founding days. Today, the ease-of-use of their instruments is widely touted throughout the industry and other manufacturers have strived to follow Nanosurf’s lead in this respect.

As Nanosurf has grown from a simple and robust teaching instruments supplier to a globally recognized research instruments provider, ease-of-use no longer fully describes the Nanosurf philosophy.

Nanosurf today is extending cantilever-based measurement and manipulation systems to the next level. They constantly provide unique solutions and tools to solve their customer’s most demanding problems. To reflect this shift into high-level problem solving, they are proud to introduce our new slogan:

“Next-Level Nanotechnology Tools”

Together with this new theme, the Swiss Nanosurf Group has launched a corporate re-branding campaign, including a new website and a modified logo.

The first examples of next-level performance and applicability can be observed in the Flex product line with the Flex-ANA and Flex-FluidFM systems. Both of these systems are based on the FlexAFM scan head with its state-of-the-art performance and incredible versatility and modularity. In the Flex-ANA (Automated Nanomechanical Analysis) system, soft corrugated samples (including tissue) are automatically mapped and analyzed.

The same FlexAFM scan head can be extended with a unique microfluidic option, the FluidFM, which is the only AFM solution providing hollow cantilevers for applications mainly in the single-cell biology field.

Active for 18 years, Nanosurf has established a full-range product portfolio, from very cost-effective solutions for teaching, via advanced research systems for material and life science, up to fully customized and comprehensive solutions.

From low end to high end, innovation and cost awareness in the design is key and something they take very seriously, to the benefit of their customers. Their research and development pipeline is full and they are constantly seeking highly talented individuals to provide even more unique solutions based on compact and modular AFM technology.

The re-branding will strengthen the Nanosurf name and the full-range strategy will deliver more exciting new products on a next level of performance

Dr. Urs Matter, CEO at Nanosurf


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