Fatty Acid Oxidation Kit

AMSBIO has introduced the MitoXpress® Xtra Fatty Acid Oxidation (FAO) kit to facilitate the convenient measurement of FAO-driven respiration.

Fatty acid oxidation is the primary metabolic pathway in a variety of tissues, which is particularly important during periods of glucose deprivation. In organs such as liver and skeletal muscle, FAO can provide over 75% of cellular ATP while in cardiac tissue it can be responsible for up to 90% of cellular energy requirements. FAO is today also acknowledged as a key factor in cancer metabolism and is also implicated in drug-induced microsteatosis.

The MitoXpress® Xtra FAO kit is designed for use with the MitoXpress® Xtra HS - Oxygen Consumption Assay and contains the 18C unsaturated fatty acid Oleate as substrate, supplied as a 2:1 BSA conjugate. The kit also contains a buffer tablet and L-Carnitine for convenient preparation of measurement media and two FAO modulators, Etomoxir and FCCP.

AMSBIO's MitoXpress® Xtra reagents offer a convenient fluorescence plate reader-based, high throughput approach to the direct real-time analysis of mitochondrial oxygen consumption. The easy to use MitoXpress® Xtra FAO kit provides a direct measure of the primary pathway for the degradation of fatty acids - mitochondrial fatty acid ß oxidation.

For further information please visit www.amsbio.com/brochures/Fatty%20acid%20oxidation.pdf or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 / email [email protected].


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