Nanomechanics, Inc. Hosts Statistical Analysis of Measurements Webinar

Educational webinar on May 24 will focus on assessing significant difference in observation sets and its implications for experimental design

Nanomechanics, Inc., the world’s leading provider of nano-mechanical testing equipment, is hosting an educational webinar on Wednesday, May 24, from noon to 1 p.m. EDT.  The webinar will be presented by Jennifer Hay, senior applications engineer for Nanomechanics.

Nanoindentation has developed over the last three decades as the technique of choice for measuring the mechanical properties of thin films and other small volumes of material.  Attendees of this webinar will gain a comprehensive understanding of the test method and what it can do.

John Swindeman, CEO at Nanomechanics

The webinar, entitled “Statistical Analysis of Measurements,” will cover how different two measurements have to be in order for the difference to be statistically significant. This is not unique to instrumented indentation testing, but the means for answering must be available to practitioners of instrumented indentation. This session will review the student’s t-test for assessing the significant difference in observation sets and its implications for experimental design.

This instructional e-seminar, continuing on a monthly basis, covers all aspects of instrumented indentation, from overarching concepts to practical aspects of implementation. The first session explains why materials behave differently at the nanoscale and it provides an elementary introduction to instrumented indentation and its benefits. Subsequent sessions teach contact mechanics, the Oliver-Pharr method, dynamic indentation, and thin-film modeling. Theory is applied to a variety of common applications for instrumented indentation including low-k films, hard coatings, polymers, and small structures.

Prior webinars on various subjects of Nanoindentation have been widely attended. The previous webinars are freely available on Nanomechanics’ website.

Register today to attend Session 11: Statistical Analysis of Measurements.

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