Xenocs acquired SAXSLAB. 12 months later...

The acquisition of SAXSLAB one year ago was a milestone in Xenocs' development. Twelve months later, let's see what has changed for Xenocs and its customers...

With the acquisition of SAXSLAB twelve months ago, Xenocs has strengthened its market presence worldwide, especially in North America. With SAXSLAB US joining the Xenocs group, the strong team set up in Amherst, Massachusetts has vaulted Xenocs into the most prestigious x-ray scattering institutions in the US.

"We are thrilled to be part of Xenocs group - it's hard for me to be more enthusiastic.", SAXSLAB US Sales Director Dr. Scott Barton states. "With our combined expertise and technologies, we can demonstrably offer our customers the best solutions for nano- and meso-characterization of materials by SAXS and WAXS. I am extremely proud that this year, U Minnesota, U Southern Mississippi, Iowa State, U Chicago, and U Texas Austin were among those who chose Xenocs products for high performance SAXS/WAXS solutions".

This strong presence in the US has enabled Xenocs to dedicate resources to develop their presence in other markets, such as Asia and the Middle East. The company's target markets have also been extended from academic and governmental laboratories to corporate research labs.

"We are now offering our solutions not only to universities but also to industrials", Xenocs Managing Director Frédéric Bossan explains. "In this context, the sales of a Nano-inXider SAXS/WAXS instrument to Arkema and to Aramco this year are significant of the growing need of the industry for having easy access in the lab, to information at the nanoscale with SAXS and WAXS."

The union of forces with SAXSLAB and the synergies in the two companies' technologies have led Xenocs to launch two new products this year: the Xeuss 2.0 with Q-Xoom and the BioXolver for structural biology.

"At Xenocs we have always been dedicated to putting our skills and technologies in the development of solutions which contribute to better science. With our extended product range, we are now able to answer the various needs of our customers for nano characterization solutions based on SAXS & WAXS", Frédéric Bossan says. "It's been twelve very exciting months since the acquisition, full of promises for the coming years!"

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