Microstaq’s Newest Product Has Potential to Reduce Global Energy Consumption

Microstaq Inc., a developer of the world’s most advanced silicon MEMS-based fluid control technology, announced today at DEMOfall 2008 a truly disruptive product based on the company’s unique VentilumTM chip, the Microstaq SEVTM. The first true revolution in HVAC technology in 50 years, the SEV is a silicon microvalve that enables unprecedented energy and system efficiency gains in AC systems, provides first-ever computer control to fluid movement, simplifies design of AC control systems and dramatically extends the life and durability of compressors in AC systems. This quantum leap forward in fluid control will reduce energy consumption in AC systems worldwide by 25 percent.

Current mechanical expansion control is a fifty year old technology and requires a large evaporator superheat range, which significantly lowers the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator. Relatively small changes in ambient conditions can cause the evaporator to deviate from its designed performance range which translates directly to much higher energy usage. By combining the digital controls and intelligence inherent to semiconductor-based technology, the SEV dynamically responds to rapidly changing system conditions by precisely metering refrigerant into the evaporator, significantly simplifying HVAC system design. By doing so, the SEV significantly lowers energy usage and makes existing mechanical expansion technology practically obsolete.

“Our customers have been asking for electronic refrigerant expansion control systems that are easy to set up and use, and that are robust enough to stand up to the rigors of high-stress deployments,” said Sandeep Kumar, CEO of Microstaq. “Tapping into our team of the top silicon and fluid control experts in the industry, Microstaq has developed and filed patents to protect this truly ground-breaking technology that addresses these concerns. SEV is a revolutionary leap forward in electronic refrigerant expansion control which will have huge ramifications in the market and is poised to become the industry standard.”

MEMS, or micro electromechanical systems, are miniature devices that harness the power of semiconductors to carry out real work in every-day products and systems. MEMS devices made from silicon range from sensors and light processors to valves and accelerometers. MEMS are the driving force behind the conversion from mechanical systems to electronics and software. Microstaq is taking MEMS design to a new level with the development of the Ventilum chip, the technology that makes the SEV truly a disruptive product. The Ventilum chip is the only MEMS device that allows for fluid movement measured in liters (compared to nanoliters as with most MEMS devices). This unique capability is due to Microstaq’s proprietary design and makes the product suite an industry first.


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